5 Reasons You Should Never Go With the Cheapest Brake Pads

5 Reasons You Should Never Go With the Cheapest Brake Pads

19th Mar 2024

If you need new brake pads for your Toyota, you have a few choices. You can get aftermarket or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brake pads, which vary in price and quality. You should never go with cheap brake pads for many reasons; ultimately, they will cost you more in the long run.

Safety Above All

Safety should always be your top priority when upgrading your Toyota. Opting for cheap brake pads may seem like a money-saving choice, but they often contain subpar materials that can compromise their ability to stop your car effectively and safely.

Invest in high-quality brake pads for your Toyota model to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road. Prioritizing quality over cost for essential components like brake pads can make a significant difference in your driving experience and safety.

Shorter Lifespan

Low-quality, cheap brake pads often deteriorate quickly under the intense pressure of braking, necessitating more frequent replacements. Deterioration escalates maintenance costs and heightens the safety hazard of potential brake failure. Opting for high-quality brake pads results in long-term cost savings and guarantees more reliable braking.

Compatibility Issues

Generic brake pads often don’t meet the requirements of a specific make and model. The lack of precision in design can lead to potential compatibility issues with your Toyota. These issues will worsen your brake system’s integrity, but they are avoidable if you get OEM parts for your Toyota.

Excessive Noise and Vibrations

Cheap brake pads may generate excessive noise or vibrations when you press the brake pedal. Unwanted noise and vibrations can cause discomfort and increase the wear and tear on your vehicle’s braking system. It is crucial to address any issues with brake pads promptly to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience.

Not Enough Testing

Inexpensive brake pads from a third-party supplier might not undergo the same testing as OEM parts, potentially falling short of safety standards. This decision to get cheap brake pads could inadvertently endanger you on the road. Be mindful of these factors when making maintenance choices for your vehicle.

You should never go with the cheapest brake pads or any other parts for your Toyota. It’s better to invest in your car so it can support you in the long run. At Yota Shop, we have all the Toyota 4Runner restoration parts you’ll need to keep your vehicle in great condition!