Popular Toyota 4Runner Accessories You Should Know About

Popular Toyota 4Runner Accessories You Should Know About

9th Jan 2023

In the driving world, you have your standard vehicles, but there’s so much potential customization that you can do to make them your own. You can choose your make, model, color, and features and then invest in some cool accessories! Continue reading to learn about some of the most popular Toyota 4Runner accessories you should know about.

Fog Lights

While the 4Runner has many advantages over some other vehicles, it will still encounter many of the same weather issues that everyone else suffers, including fog. Depending on where you live, fog can be a big issue, but it doesn’t have to stop you from heading out on the road. Consider investing in some fog lights to ensure you still have visibility while getting where you need to go! These lights illuminate the ground through rain, snow, or fog and can help you get back on the road while reducing the risk of accidents associated with this weather.

Trunk Organizers and Mats

Some cars are better for hauling different shapes and sizes of cargo, and the 4Runner is one of the best. While these vehicles are great for transporting a little bit of everything, that doesn’t mean moving the load will be the easiest. Without the right organizer, that cargo will roll around, damage one another, and even damage the vehicle. You’ll need some trunk organizers to keep your cargo and vehicle safe, and to go even further, get some cargo mats! Sometimes, your cargo will be groceries, but other times, it may be:

  • Muddy boots
  • Sandy towels
  • Wet clothes
  • Dirty pets

All of these will do a number on your vehicle if you don’t have suitable cargo mats that you can easily remove and clean! Cleaning still won’t be easy, but it will be worth it when your trunk looks as good as the day you bought your car!

Roof Basket

Part of what makes 4Runners so great compared to other vehicles is that they are great for both paved roads and going off the main path and into nature. It’s one of the perfect modes of transport for traveling to hiking trails and off-the-beaten-road camping spots. Part of what makes them such great vehicles is their off-road capabilities and storage. The trunk is a great storage option, but the roof rack has many additional storage options on top of that! You can place some items directly on the rack, but you can also attach a roof basket to store more traditional-sized items that wouldn’t fit otherwise fit.

Getting any of these popular Toyota 4Runner accessories for your vehicle will elevate it. You’ll change your car from something you drive into something you experience. However, accessories can only do so much. If you think you’re having mechanical issues, consider looking at some of our Toyota 4Runner parts. Here at Northwest Team Yota, we have all kinds of parts so you can guarantee your 4Runner always drives comfortably!